There once was a planet called Earth...

Humanity has grown and developed in only two centuries of technology and progress, but what is the price?

Now we are facing the problem of where to hide all the garbage that causes the obsolescence, something that the big companies that they own in the planet do not want to listen. We are not doing our homework well and it is not enough to take care of what we have and, at the same time, we destroy it.

Brown coal open pit mine in Hambach, Germany, 2018

It is a charge of constant awareness of the legacy that I will leave to my twin daughters. I'm sorry it's frustrating, I feel ashamed. We ourselves have built an ungovernable world based on wars, capable of fighting for the common sense of taking care of what we have, which is something wonderful. There is no other plan or planet B. Without going any further, there above, a few hundred kilometers away, we have created space junk in a short time with millions of pieces of satellites that float waiting to face an asteroid or fall on our heads. There are companies that already have the solution: collect and disintegrate in the atmosphere. We are idiots. Meanwhile, useless parts of these devices continue to fall in Russian Siberia and in the oceans.

Here below, plastic is already a daily threat. We do not know what to do with all this accumulation of garbage that people even throw into the sea. We are seeing how the marine species swallows it, they die in slow agony due to asphyxia or impossible digestion. There are already scientific studies that certify plastic remains in the fish we eat. Cellophane remains have already been found from a packet of tobacco, for example.

But the most serious thing is the disinterest in the education of children and adults about how we should take care of the planet, how CO2 warms the planet and changes the climate and life. The consumerism, the progress, the obsolescence, have wrapped and trapped us in their stomachs like the cellophane of tobacco packet found in the stomach of the fish.

Sincerely, what are we doing to not leave the children of the future such a horrible world?